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Get your hair in shape with Colour WOW

Color Wow

Colour WOW are well worth looking up. They have created a plethora of products which are ideal for mums on the run.
We recently discovered that they have a spray that reduces the time it takes you to dry your hair…now with thigh length hair that is something I like the sound of! 
We have recently tried the 2 in 1 Get IN Shape spray which holds hair securely but also allows the ability to re-style your hair.

Color Wow Get in Shape 2-in-1 Working Hair Spray 150ml
Get In Shape – 2 in 1 Working Hair Spray

• Gives hair guts and flexible hold while allowing for continuous restyling• High-tech elastic shaping resins creates natural-looking, flexible hold, without building up   or becoming brittle• High-gloss, translucent resins create a maximum shine factor that makes hair color   appear more dimensional• Won’t dull or darken hair
We really like this spray. It is pump action so the spray isn’t continuous like with other hairspray brands. We think this helps to ensure you only apply exactly what you need and helps to avoid the temptation to go over the top, just in case.
We found it also made hair really shiny,so it is a multi-functional product as far as we are concerned.

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