Gifts for teachers: what do you think?

With the academic year almost over I am left wondering how it all went so fast.

The run up to the end of term is always busy with all sorts going on:

  • School trips
  • Sports days
  • Other school and area sports events
  • Transition days
  • Celebration events
  • Non uniform days

As the end of term approaches my thoughts always turn to end of year gifts for the teachers and support staff.

How do you approach this?


Do you give something to the class teacher and support staff?

Do you only give something to the class teacher?

How much do you spend?

What about if you have more than one child in school? Do you give to all staff or just the teachers?

Do you think it should depend on the impact these staff have made on your children?

Do you think we should never give gifts to teaching staff?

I have to say, I think when I feel staff have made a considerable impact on the children it feels nice to say thank you.

This year I really feel like this. Both the big kids adore their teachers and the support staff in their classrooms. I genuinely feel that these staff have made a significant impact on the children and have gone out of their way to understand their personalities and how they learn. I know both the children will be sorry to leave these classes despite also being ready for the next stage.

The children wanted to say thank you themselves but wanted to choose something a bit different. We looked around the Web but stubbled upon Zazzle. They stock a massive range of products that can be personalised as well, for that extra special touch. From mugs, to bags, to guitar picks, to stationary and even clothing. There is so much to choose from.


The children love these bags in particular which are super strong for carrying books and marking, I think if I was a teacher this would be a lovely gift from a pupil.

So…will you be buying any gifts now the end of term is upon us or staying well clear?

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  1. As a teacher I appreciated a card or gift made by a child more than anything. Personalised mugs are my favourite, they’re lovely to keep in the staff room and I still have several made by former pupils.


  2. I will be buying this year as my son is leaving but in the past we’ve made them something. I did give it miss one year when the teacher wasn’t very nice and my son was scared of her mind! Ali from Mum in a Nutshell guest hosting at #PocoLo

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