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Girly Craft Sets from Interplay: Shrink Design Jewellery

My eight year old daughter LOVES anything to do with crafting, especially on cold rainy days. It gives her a chance to do something relaxing yet creative as she is very active and busy all week.

This weekend she had a friend to stay so it was an ideal opportunity for the girls to get crafty.

They had a go at this Shrink Design Jewellery which we had never heard of before. This is currently available from Amazon for £9.99

Who’d have thought such beautiful jewellery could be made from simple shrink plastic? With myStyle Shrink-it Jewellery girls can spend hours of fun creating bright, edgy and ultra-trendy accessories.

Using the shrink plastic sheets and the high quality components provided, 7 pieces of fabulous jewellery can be created including a stylish star necklace and some stunning angel wing earrings.

With a little practice and the help of the 32-page colour illustrated activity guide you can build on your existing skills. Once you’ve learnt the techniques, you can get creative with your very own designs.Why not download the printable .pdf with lots more great templates for you to try! The possibilities are endless!

Please note: Requires the use of an oven

This set is aimed at girls aged 8+.

What we thought at Mummy Fever:

My daughter and her friend really enjoyed this. They had never done anything like this before so it was exciting and they liked the fact the got to use the oven (with supervision of course).

Here are some of the things they made:

We think this would make a really good Christmas gift this year. The suggested age was spot on I thought and much more grown up than some of the other crafting sets around. This is also a good bit of variety from the loom band craze that has swept the nation.

Take care with the oven but have fun and create all sorts of things!

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