Has your solicitor been negligent?

The use of a solicitor for whatever purpose can be both scary and costly. If you do require the services of a solicitor you need to feel confident you are getting a quality service and the best possible legal advice.

What do you do when that doesn’t happen?

Because the law is such a ‘specialised’ area it can be difficult to know how to challenge something you don’t agree with or indeed question something you don’t consider to be the best course of action.

Whether you feel you have been given bad advice about your divorce, or an employment matter at work or even feel you have been encouraged to under-settle on a personal injury claim, there is help out there!
Redress Law can advise you on the best course of action when you are considering suing a solicitor for negligence . They have a team of experts on hand with vast experience of dealing with a range of types of claims against negligent solicitors.Look out for their logo!
They can work alongside you to ensure you receive the best level of compensation.So… if you feel as if you have been on the receiving end of bad advice, don’t sit back and let it happen, contact the experts and let them see if they can help … Good luck! 

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