Healthy Lunchtimes with John West

Lunch…this can be a bit of a luxury as a busy mum. It’s not that mums don’t get hungry, just that we tend not to prioritise the need to eat over a nappy change, work, answering the door, feeding the children or sorting the washing out.So the bottom line is we need something fast, healthy and tasty…John West could be the answer! Yes they produce tins of tuna to use in packed lunches or to add to a jacket potato BUT they also now do much much more as well.

Take these Steam Pot Tuna Infusions as an example. These make a great healthy and fast lunch. Just boil the kettle, add water to the fill line, replace the lid for a few minutes and stir the tuna in! Brilliant! You can be doing this whilst getting on with other things as well,ideal for people juggling a million things a day.

We are hoping that John West will produce a FREE FROM version of these without wheat as well.

Tuna Infusions with Lemon & Thyme and Tomato & Black Olive Couscous

Alternatively you can make a quick sandwich with something like this infusions pot. Or with a bit more time you could add to a bowl of pasta. This one below with coriander and cumin is especially tasty but if that’s not your thing then they produce a range of others as well.

Infusions Tuna -  Coriander & Cumin

Maybe lemon and thyme floats your boat more? This is actually really good just stirred into a bowl of rice.Yummy!

Infusions Tuna - Lemon & Thyme

If you are busy getting the packed lunches ready for the next day how about some of the handy no drain tuna tins? These are less messy and save time as there is no need to drain! Our personal favourite is this one with spring water. Since trying this one I have stopped buying the one in brine and find the tuna in oil too greasy. This one is perfect.

No Drain Tuna Steak With A Little Spring Water

If you are trying to eat well what about these light lunch pots? This one is our favourite as it is also gluten free and totally delicious! The beans and the tuna go really well together.

Tuna Light Lunch Mexican Style (Gluten Free)

Give these light lunches a go and let us know which is your favourite!

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