Homemade banana milkshake

I recently shared a juicing infographic with you, which contained some handy tips for juicing as well as lots of facts. I have been experimenting with a range of juices, smoothies and milkshakes recently, using Riverford organic fruit. Riverford stock a range of fruit specifically for juicing that can be delivered directly to your door.

This banana milkshake is perfect as an after school boost. Children love the rich creamy flavour and it’s a great one to bridge the gap until meal time.


I normally used semi skimmed milk for the big kids and then if the babies are having it as well I use full fat milk for them.

This is so quick to do. I use one banana per child but it tastes great even if you only use half a banana.

Just blend the banana for a few seconds with the milk. I like the Breville Blend Active as it is super quick and easy to use and is easily cleaned.

This quick and tasty milkshake ensures you have the perfect solution for the after school low.

For a speedy variation on this, just add a couple of strawberries to the blender.


If you want to make it look pretty, just cut a small slit in the strawberry and place on the side of the glass.



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  1. how simple yet i bet they tasted delish! im alwasy on the look out for diffrent recipes so will be trying these out! suz x beauisblue.com

  2. I saw that you’d linked this post up during the week and when on tuesday I really fancied a banana milkshake, I totally came back here to have a peek! I used strawberries too and it was delicious. I love those glasses – where did you get them? Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Ah – thanks Lisa,they were a Christmas gift but I think they came from a home and lifestyle show. If you search ‘jam jar glasses with lids’ on Amazon though there are loads around. I love them and I find them surprisingly good for the children…I am the only one to break one so far lol! xx

  3. Love the glasses hun. There is nothing better than a good banana milkshake. So yummy. I have been wanting to get a nutribullet but I will have to look yours I just need something quick, easy and small. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  4. Ok I’m going to be honest here and say that I really can’t stomach the thought of drinking that green juice…! That said, I can see that it’s really healthy and I can see why you’re a fan. I wonder if I could convince my veg-shy toddler that it’s the Hulk’s juice?! ?best small juicer

  5. Love this book and all her books. I am juicing and gearing up for a more major fast. Also, using this to help my boy’s recovery from a Bone Marrow Transplant with kidney failure, in addition to prayer of coarse. Also, to help my other boy with his recent broken wrist. I need to heal and lose weight from all the stress we’ve been through.best small juicer

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