Homemade Valentine’s gifts

The children love to craft. Any opportunity to get the glue, paper, scissors, paints, and of course glitter out, they are there with bells on. They have great imaginations and enjoy creating their own masterpieces out of a few bits and bobs.


Recently they have been using supplies from Bostik to create a few Valentine’s inspired homemade gifts.

First up was a Valentine’s card, using some glitter card as a base. We folded this in half. We then experimented with layering the materials we had over each other to see what was going to look the best.


Then we started building the picture up by layering our chosen fabrics over the top of each other, each slightly smaller than the one before it.


We used a sticky heart with a peel off back in the centre of the card.


We then used gems, buttons, flowers to decorate the card.


We gave the card a spine of ribbon to frame it a bit more.


Here was the finished result.


We then made a keepsake heart by wrapping a polystyrene heart in fabric and binding it with ribbons.

2016-01-17 12.01.11

This is very quick and easy but looks very cute – here was the finished result.

2016-01-17 12.00.06

Will you be doing any Valentine’s inspired craft with your children?

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