How motherhood changes you

The transition from womanhood to motherhood was more profound than any other transition I’ve been though. Having a child evokes changes that are both gradual and sudden. As a new mother you become stronger and more responsible. The challenge of every day life makes you a better problem solver, you suddenly have even more love to give and your priorities change overnight when suddenly these little people, the ones you have grown inside you for so long are now out there in the world.

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What is it specifically that changes you? Although the latest blog post explores this, I have written all sorts about pre and post motherhood differences in the past. What has changed you the most? Here are just some of the ways I think motherhood changes people:

Responsibility changes you

One moment you were only responsible for yourself, then as a mother you are now entirely responsible for another human life. This can be terrifying, satisfying and all-encompassing.


Love changes you

It is hard to describe the overwhelming feeling of love when you meet your baby for the first time. You suddenly know love like you’ve never known it before. It is a powerful love that engulfs you and the strongest feeling I have ever felt. As you have more children, you simply have more love to give, you don’t split it, 2, 3 or 4 ways – there is just more of it.


Strength changes you

Carrying, growing and giving birth to a baby is not easy, it requires strength and commitment. After your babies are born there is a strong sense of achievement and accomplishment that you experience, which can change your perception of yourself. Especially if you have had hard pregnancies and/or deliveries, you feel much stronger and able to cope with difficult situations, because nothing could be harder than that four day labour and horrific delivery right?


Your ‘job’ changes you

Once a mother, you are suddenly a protector and an enabler. You will ensure the safety of your child all day and night and you will make sure you assist your child to reach their goals in life. Most things don’t even have a thought process, you do them naturally because you are a mother now.

Motherhood has and will continue to teach me intense lessons in selflessness, compassion, humility, empathy, courage, endurance, patience, love and understanding. Motherhood has changed me forever and made me stronger and more determined than ever before. My babies made me work hard to get them here safely, they tested me and they continue to do so. I thought I left exams behind at university but in reality my children set me new challenges and tests everyday.

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