How to get through 266 pages of ‘Woman and Home’ each month

So your monthly magazine subscription lands on the door mat and you smile and think relaxing thoughts, picturing a scene a bit like this:


How lovely it will be to lock yourself away in the bathroom and browse the 266 pages of loveliness, just like you did during your first pregnancy, except it was a baby magazine back then.

The reality can be a little different however and evenings can end up a little more like this, with no magazine in sight.


Magazine subscriptions make lovely gifts and have tons for you to choose from, whatever you interest area.

However, if you rarely have time to dry you hair or go to the toilet, how do you possibly get thorough a magazine each month and make the subscription worth while?

  • Don’t plan, don’t ever plan time to read your magazine as it just won’t happen and you’ll end up disappointed
  • When it lands on the door mat, flick through quickly to all the pages with free eye cream samples, pull them out and pop them next to your toothbrush, let’s face it, we need all the help we can get…Andie MacDowell says she never looked better so…worth a go?


  • Put the magazine somewhere you go everyday,  if you put it away you’ll never read it
  • Think of somewhere that you might be stationary for, even if it is just for a few minutes each day
  • Is it on public transport on the way to work? Sat in the car waiting for children to come out of school? At your desk at lunchtime? In the kitchen? on your bedside table and so on, everyone will have their place.
  • If you keep it in this location and just look at a few pages every day, you might just surprise yourself and get through it before the next one arrives!

Plus, if all else fails you can always gift a subscription to a friend and get her to summarise the good bits in an email or text!

If your evenings do look more like the first picture you will be right at home and able to read about the best beauty advice, fashion trends for all shapes and sizes, delicious recipes, in-depth health and well-being features and interviews from your favourite females.

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  1. I was given a mag subscription as a present a few years back and loved it. I rarely have time to read them nowadays but try to buy a few a month to ‘treat’ myself! (enforced ‘me’ time! LOL)

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