How to improve the condition of your skin

Dry skin, flaky skin, eczema, psoriasis and other conditions can really get you down but in fact these types of conditions are very common. They can however become more of a problem  in the winter months. When the heating goes on and you are constantly going from hot to cold this can aggravate underlying skin conditions.

I notice that this happens every winter and the skin on my shins and arms becomes dry and flaky. During each pregnancy this was even more of a problem.

I have tried a number of creams and lotions over the years but some of the best skin care products I have used have been from the E45 range.

E45 creams are the kind of products which every family should just always have in the house because they are suitable for such an array of conditions as well as everyday skin care. The best thing is of course that E45 can be used on the whole family, so from our newborn, through to the adults in our family, everyone can use E45!

They have even introduced a luscious hand cream now which leaves hands well conditioned and super soft! This is a real bonus for busy mummies who are constantly washing their hands.

E45 Hand Cream
No one has flawless skin all of the time but with products like E45 you can at least restore your skin to a healthy state and keep it soft.

The new E45 website is unique, engaging and serves as a great source of information for you if you suffering from various skin conditions ranging from dry skin to psoriasis. It is well worth checking out. The sections on baby eczema and winter dry skin have been especially useful to me. The section on scalp conditions is also really informative and helps you identify the specific condition you might be suffering from.

It can be really frustrating trying to get a doctors appointment these days so whilst you are waiting it can be really helpful having some other things to try, potentially stopping the condition getting any worse. Likewise, some things can be easily treated with creams like E45 so it is always worth giving something like this a try first.

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  1. Nice article! My skin is also dry nature and your blog can be helpful for taking its best care. I will definitely give a try to this brand. Thanks for sharing.

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