How to keep going when you are running on empty

Mummies often run on empty. 

I feel as if I run on empty most of the time.

Lots of things contribute to this, but as none of this will last forever I don’t tend to worry too much about it.

I know that lots of people can get really down about how sleep deprived they get and I think that is easily done. I think in some ways after so many years of it I have become used to it. This doesn’t mean it is easy and it doesn’t mean it is healthy to have such little sleep and relaxation time but it isn’t forever. In reality, even when you have lots of children this period of time is a small part of your life and although it can often feel endless that is not the reality.

There are several things I hold in my bag of tricks to help me when I am running on empty. Some are healthy and pure and some not so, but both I feel are necessary.

  • A shower in the morning – essential to wake me up
  • Hot chocolate – I have on average two of these per day. I always use skimmed milk and this wakes me up in the morning and perks me up later on in the day
  • A good day cream – I like this one by Q10, it keeps my skin soft and supple all day
  • A good concealer – for dark circles I like Keromask
  • A good mascara
  • A vitamin C drink or vitamin water
  • When I am very tired I will have a glass of coke to perk me up – always wish I hadn’t afterwards but it feels good at the time
  • Fish oil supplements – I take these in the hope they are doing me good
  • Several cups of green tea – I probably have about four cups a day and although I’m not crazy about the taste, it makes me feel so much better and feels very cleansing 
  • Exercise – even if it is a ten minute work out DVD anything makes me feel better
  • A good night cream – I like this one, also by Q10, this comes as a set with the day cream and works really well. The day cream is nice but the night cream is wonderful and keeps skin feeling soft until the morning. These neat little pots are superb to keep by the sink. They are supposed to prevent premature ageing … they have their work cut out! 

Product Image: Q10 Day + Night Cream SetHow do you keep going when you are running on empty?

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  1. I think I stumble through the day on a wing and a prayer. I'm actually not so bad now my youngest is 10, my life as mum has gotten a little more relaxed but a good breakfast puts me right with the world, a cup of black coffee perks me up and knowing my kids are at school for six hours always makes me feel good!

  2. I really need to get into the green tea, I’ve heard it’s meant to be brilliant long term for detoxing and energising. Just haven’t got into the habit yet. Am a big fan of oat cakes and dried apricots as quick snacks to keep me going when running on empty x

    1. Oh yes, dried apricots are yummy 🙂 – The green tea is really good, it took me a long time to get into it as I am not a tea drinker but I am so glad I keep going !

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