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Ideas for creative play

Do your children love to be creative?

Do you feel you have exhausted all the drawing, colouring, and crafting options?

Are you looking for outdoor creative play options?

Here are a few ideas of things you could try:

  • Collect things from the garden, the park or when out on a walk and use them to make a collage or a sculpture
  • Save grass cuttings and use them to make shapes or pictures
  • Try stamping kits, these can get messy so being outside for this is not a bad idea


  • Save cardboard boxes and use them outside to make sculptures or build an assault course
  • Chalk on flagstones or a driveway, this is great fun but can get messy so put them in old clothes

IMG_20150604_125518_wm  IMG_20150604_125758_wm  IMG_20150604_151544_wm  IMG_20150604_193348_wm  IMG_20150605_154026_wm

  • Use empty plastic bottles to make rockets and launch them in the garden – full of water of course for some splashtastic fun

What sorts of creative play do your little ones enjoy?

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