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Improving skin from the inside out

As we pack away our winter wardrobes for another year, the thought of baring all in skimpy summer outfits can be a daunting thought for many.

It seems as though the boots and winter cover ups have had an extra long stint (I’ve still been in my winter coat for some schools runs recently).

Months sat in stuffy offices, or racing about with a family can result in dull and blemished skin and it’s not just the face that can be a problem.

A third of women worry about stubborn spots on problem areas such as the back, chest and arms. Acne appearing in these problem areas can be just as distressing as on the face, forcing many women – and men – to limit their fun in the sun by covering up or avoiding the beach or poolside altogether.

No surprise then that a recent survey by Works with Water Nutraceuticals has shown that 99% of acne sufferers said their spots directly lowered their confidence.


Even for those who dare to bare, it is worth keeping in mind that sun exposure can actually aggravate the condition of the skin, leaving it more prone to breakouts and blackheads. The sun’s UV rays cause the skin’s natural barrier to become weaker, which can result in moisture loss and dry skin. Trying to compensate for this, the sebaceous glands start producing more oil, which creates the perfect environment for spots to develop. Yikes!

Nutraceuticals company Works With Water thinks they have the secret to get your skin summer ready – the perfect antidote to winter-distressed skin in the form of help: clear skin. This 100% natural soluble supplement contains Lactoferrin from milk protein which reduces the bacteria associated with acne and is clinically proven to reduce blemishes by 95% within as little as two months for smoother, more radiant skin.

It is an easy to take supplement, which also reminds you to drink more water in general – we all know we need to do more of that!

Jules Birch, founder of Works With Water, said: “Acne appearing on the body is a very common problem and it’s such a shame that many women feel so self-conscious that they cover up rather than expose their skin. “PravENAC™ is a bioactive protein rich in lactoferrin that has been shown to be highly effective in both reducing the severity of blemishes and preventing new ones from forming.”

Acne affects 85 percent of people at some point in their lives and a third of women over 30 report that they still get spots. Even celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly and Britney Spears admit to struggling with their skin.

If you suffer with problem skin then this is likely to make quite a difference to your complexion. If you are experiencing what you feel to be a dull complexion then this can really brighten your complexion for summer. Skin looks brighter and clearer in days. It’s quite a pricey way to keep a bright face all of the time but if acne rules your life it might be a small price to pay.

What are your favourite ways to brighten your complexion?



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