In-flight entertainment with Virgin: what’s it like?

Flying with children can be a challenge.

Experiences are likely to vary depending on how old your child is when they fly, their general character, the length of flight and the facilities available on board.

Personally, I found the children to be the hardest to fly with from about 10 months up until about two and a half. Really that age when they are on the go constantly, and aren’t really old enough to grasp why we have to sit still in our seats for take off and landing at the very least.

I found it fairly straightforward to fly with a baby as I breastfed and they pretty much slept and fed the entire flight. After two and a half they’ve all been pretty good at sitting well and they’ve all been great little flyers.

coping with flight delays

We do actually find it easier when it’s a long haul flight. Generally this means the plane is bigger, you can have a stretch of the legs and take a wander a bit more easily and of course, on a long haul flight there is usually some decent in-flight entertainment.

We’ve flown with Virgin many times and we do find them a really family-friendly airline in the main – have you flown with Virgin? What did you think?

In-flight entertainment

I always pack a busy bag of things for the children, but quite often they end up not getting anything out of them as the in-flight entertainment is enough.

They love the novelty of opening up their little packet of headphones and being in control of their own personal TV and games console. They are always so impressed with the amount of choice available, and get so excited trying to decide what to watch or play first.

coping with flight delays

Virgin always have an impressive selection of films, as well as all your favourite TV shows, as well as music and tons of games. There is something for everyone and over 30 hours of children’s entertainment alone – so plenty to get you to and from your destination.

Not only will you find old favourites, but also all the new releases as well, so if there was something you missed out on seeing at the cinema, they can sit back and relax and watch it on board.

I’d like to say that you will be able to do the same but I only ever manage to watch about 10 minutes of something.

Happy flying.

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