Indulging the Peppa Pig obsession

If you are a regular reader of the blog you might have read my parental petition to increase the length of the Peppa Pig episodes. Follow the link to sign up!

Peppa, George, Dinosaur…are three popular words in our house. After reading ‘Peppa goes skiing‘ over and over again, prior to our ski trip in February of this year, our smallest little man’s first word was Peppa! Not sure what to make of that really, but just keep telling myself it was easy for him to get his mouth around.

So there’s no love at all in our house for Peppa Pig….honest!

The three older children always liked Peppa as toddlers but nothing compared to this current love affair, although I do catch them rather engrossed sometimes…even though they’d never admit it!

Just to ramp up the Peppa Pig love, there’s a brand new range of toys that have just been released. Excited? Your little ones will be!

Laugh with Peppa

This adorable plush Peppa toy falls over on her back when tickled, then giggles and wiggles her arms and legs, just like the TV character children know and love. This is priced at £19.99 and currently travelling everywhere with us! She is certainly a new favorite.

plush peppa pig

Air Peppa Jet

The Air Peppa Jet, also priced at £19.99, has everything little ones need to take Peppa on an imaginary adventure. The jet features pull down stairs, a rear storage compartment, and an openable cabin for children to move Peppa around the interior. A Peppa Pig figure comes with the set, and Miss Rabbit sits in the pilot seat. Peppa loves to fly too, so children can flip down Miss rabbit to make space for Peppa in the cockpit. Also don’t miss Peppa’s luggage which is included in the box.

Home and Garden Playset

The Home and Garden Playset , again priced at £19.99, is the iconic Peppa Pig home from the TV show. The house on the hill opens up to reveal four rooms and an attic with lots of accessories included for hours of imaginative play. The playset neatly folds shut and carries all accessories inside for easy and tidy storage – a bonus for parents! The best part though is the carry handle it comes with, so your little one can take the playset anywhere they want to. We love portable toys and this is a great one.

peppa pig playhouse

The Peppa Pig range is great for existing Peppa and friends fans, but if you are looking for a great portable and compact toy for your child and they haven’t been introduced to Peppa yet, this playhouse is a great way to start. Little ones LOVE organising and re-organising all the furniture and finding homes for things.

peppa pig toys

Be warned though…once you open the Peppa Pig floodgates there is no looking back!

Also, remember “If you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots!”.

muddy puddles

Are you little ones Peppa Pig fans? What would they make of this range?

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