John Lewis: A busy mums hindrance

So on the John Lewis website it states the following:”John Lewis staff are Partners in the business, and are highly trained to offer helpful, impartial advice on all products. Our service doesn’t end with your purchase – we provide excellent after-sales and a great choice of expert services to help you, from delivery to installation. We also offer style and fitting advice, and we can help with everything from designing your home to kitting you out for a new baby.” This is accompanied by the tagline “never knowingly undersold” !

Somewhere along the way this did not reach all staff….
Picture the scene..

  • A busy working mum of four places an order for a birthday present with John Lewis online, trying to save time. 
  • The item arrives in good time but it is the wrong item. 
  • A telephone call is made to inform John Lewis of their mistake.
  • After checking the desired item is in stock this is re-ordered for express delivery and collection of the wrong item is arranged.
  • The wrong item could be collected any time between 8am and 6pm so plans are changed (during half term) to stay in that day.
  • New item arrives – it is the wrong item again!
  • Another call is made to inform John Lewis of their mistake
  • Despite waiting in all day no one collects the wrong parcels
  • Still no correct item
  • Voicemail received from John Lewis stating that they do not have the desired item in stock … so still no birthday present and the days are ticking by
  • Several tweets are sent and John Lewis state that someone will call to discuss the matter
  • No call received so a further call is made to John Lewis
  • A further day has passed and still no collection of wrong items
  • John Lewis staff state that a refund cannot e given until the wrong items have been returned!
  • The saga is explained, and explained again – this is a John Lewis mistake and a mother of four has now waited in for 2 days of the half term for parcels which have not been collected
  • John Lewis want to re-book the collection and I quote “Will you be in between 8am and 6pm on Monday?”
  • Erm…let’s think about this – I will be doing the school run between about 8.30 and 9.30am, the school run again and after school activity taxi service between about 2.30 pm and 6.30pm … in between I should be in but will also be trying to work, breastfeed a baby and chase a toddler around and I’ve already waited in for 2 days!
  • John Lewis state they understand the frustration …. somehow I think not!
  • So let me get this right … if the courier turns up during the school run time what will happen? Apparently the collection will be re-booked for the next day …. potentially this saga could go on indefinitely!
  • Meanwhile no refund and no birthday present!
  • After several more tweets finally someone helpful is available to speak to in John Lewis who genuinely seems to understand the frustration – thank you!
  • Am told a refund will be processed in the next 3-5 days
  • Still no refund….still no birthday present but watch this space! 

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