Keeping children hydrated

Keeping little people hydrated can be a challenge sometimes. I have always found it hard myself to drink the recommended intake of water each day. I can tell if I haven’t drunk enough as I get a headache.

The children have busy schedules, especially my big girl, who does pretty much every activity going. She works hard at all of her activities but I do worry about getting enough fluid into her sometimes.

Although much better than she used to be, she struggles with water. She finds it ‘boring’ and hard to drink lots of.

Water enhancers have helped as they make the water taste nice to her, but don’t add any nasties. They seem enough just to be able to get water down her.

Funky or ‘girly’ drinks bottles always seem to work wonders too, or something that looks a bit different. We love this chilled drinks bottle that changes colour when cold – pink and purple are two of her favourite colours so that is a good start. The novelty factor of a colour changing bottle, combined with the fact it gets the drink nice and cold and will stay that way for the duration of her activity is also a huge plus factor.

As we are always on the go, the fact that this only takes seconds to chill the drink is also a massive advantage.

How do you ensure your children stay hydrated?

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  1. These do look good. We all use water bottles in my home. Me and my daughter call sunny days “headache days” lol I tell her… you have to drink lots of water today or you’ll get a headache. She understand’s this means it’s a hot day but that’s our little “saying”. Angela xx

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