Keeping little ones warm but stylish

Winter is most definitely not over, certainly not here anyway.We have seen some very low temperatures over the last couple of weeks and it has been pretty chilly.

It is most certainly still winter coat season but I find buying coats for the children really difficult. Sometimes because in order to get something warm it ends up being really bulky and sometimes because I struggle to find anything nice at a reasonable price.

The children hate big bulky coats and this is especially difficult when trying to wrestle a toddler into their car seat or pushchair.

I have always really loved French children’s fashion. I bought a lot of French clothing for my first child when she was born as I just loved the bright colours, bold designs and practical style.

Then I discovered Vertbaudet and realised I could buy French-inspired fashion at a good price online. I ordered quite regularly from them in the early days and have since kept an eye out on their sales as there are some gorgeous things you can pick up.

Their current winter sale is no exception and there are some stunning yet practical children’s coats on their website.

If you are on the hunt for a coat for a toddler I love these 2 in 1 Parkers.They come with detachable mittens, a detachable hood and a removable padded jacket inside. These are a bargain in the sale at the moment at £17.40 each which really is a bargain when you consider you have a winter and spring coat in one! These come in both girls and boys styles and the quality is stunning.These are so well made and look super cute and cosy on. They really keep the wind out and the hood stays up well, which can be a problem with coats in general so I think that is another bonus.

These are very durable and they are the kind of coat you really need to buy in a few sizes so you have them for years to come – I haven’t been this impressed with a coat in a long time and it washes really well also.

The only slight issue, and it is very minor is that if you have a toddler who is quite independent and they like to take things off themselves it can be a bit frustrating as the padded jacket comes out. You just need to push it back through with your hand but if you are in a rush it can be a bit of a fiddle.

That said, I would buy these over and over again and quite frankly wish they came in my size! You can’t see from the image but the padded jacket inside the red coat is a dark grey. How funky is the orange and blue though?

The girls versions are very cute too (see below) you can also see how the hood detaches with ease. All in all a super winter coat that will see you through to the end of spring and beyond, because lets face it … we don’t have the best weather in the UK do we?

Now what about for older children? There are some gorgeous hooded duffle coats at Vertbaudet in lovely colours and these are 1/2 price at the moment, which means you can pick one of these up for just £19.50.These a beautiful quality and so warm and fluffy inside. They are nice and long which adds to their warmth and look fantastic. This one below is described as purple but it is more of a pink really. It is bright and easy to fasten so children can do it themselves.The detachable fur trim means you get two looks in one coat but personally I love it with the fur trim. Lots of the reviews of this coat say you should buy up a size, which is probably right, especially if you want it to last a good length of time. Not great in the rain but you don’t always want a coat that is. If you are looking for something warm and stylish that can cope with a shower then this is the coat.

The boys version is equally as lovely looking and it makes a real change to see a nice bright coat for a boy. I love this red one! This is reduced to £23.40 at the moment – you can have a look at this and the other colours here.

What are your top coat buying tips?I’d love to hear them.

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