Learning about weather

We’ve been learning about and discussing weather this week. We’ve chatted about it in the car on the school run and then I’ve carried that on with the little boys by talking about the shapes and colours in the sky.

We talked about all the different kinds of weather we have and what their favourite weather is. Windy days were not very popular but as we live on a hill that is quite exposed, it gets pretty windy here.

We decided to build a craft activity around all the things we had been discussing. We used a selection of craft items from Bostik to build a weather time line to show all the weather we have had over the last month.


We used a range of foam shapes and small wooden pegs to attach all the different types of weather to the line. We discussed how strange the weather has been lately, with snow and ice and then really hot sun, storms and huge amounts of rain. Some days it’s been so odd it’s been a wellies and shorts kind of day!


When we had put all the different types of weather together and pegged them on the line, we moved them about and re-ordered them until we had a timeline of the weather we’ve had over the last month, finishing with a big sunshine as today happens to be a lovely sunny day!


The children love to get creative but it’s great to be able to incorporate this into other discussions and take advantage of learning opportunities.

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