Learning begins at home: part six

Welcome to part six of our learning begins at home series. I have always felt that learning begins at home. I’ve written before about how I approach learning with the children and how every situation is a potential learning opportunity. From the moment your children are born their learning journey begins and they are sponges of life and all it encompasses.

Simple things can make a big difference.

“Look at that black cat in the garden”

“How many steps are there here? 1,2,3,4”

“Would you like a red plate or a green plate?”

“Can you smell the pink flower?”

Food can create the perfect opportunity for learning about all sorts of things. Colours, shapes and textures can all be discussed and you could even get children to count peas or strawberries.

Organix have recently updated two of their products that we think contribute to the learning process, as well as being tasty organic snacks for toddlers that are free from any nasties.

Their animal shapes provide the perfect opportunity to discuss animal names and sounds with little ones and their alphabet biscuits provide a means of learning letters and sounds. The latter come in handy snack size bags so your approach to learning can follow you wherever you and your little ones go.

How do you approach learning? Do you use food as a learning aid?


  1. These look very cute! We approach teaching/learning in the same way as you. My toddler is so inquisitive and asks about everything so it just come naturally into the conversation 🙂
    Becky xx

  2. I did it with my children and now do the same with my grandson, I chatter about everything. They just learn so much by being involved with everything. At 10 months he recognises a red balloon, he can point to it in a book that also has a blue and green balloon. Apple of my eye.

    1. Oh that’s so good – well done to you, sounds like it is really paying off. Our 11 month old is quite like that and has started saying a few words as well. We out “out there” this weekend. Thanks for reading 🙂

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