Learning begins at home: part eight

Welcome to part eight of our learning begins at home series. I wrote in part seven about how useful games can be in helping older children to enhance their learning at home.

Games are a great way for us all to learn, as learning becomes fun and enjoyable and largely subconscious.

There are some great games out there for pre-schoolers as well. Our learning sacks have been a really useful way of learning about animals, colours, shapes and sounds, whilst essentially playing. I also love flash cards as they are so portable but am yet to find some thick ones that can’t be easily chewed and can be wiped clean. Anyone know of any?

Something along these lines we have come across recently however are memeory games by Ravensburger. These are great for pre-schoolers and appealing as they come specific to their favourite characters such as In the Night Garden or Thomas the Tank Engine. These are really well priced at £3.99 – you can pick them up online from amazon or from John Lewis. The best part is they are fairly indestructible as they are very thick, ideal for enhancing preschoolers learning at home or even on holiday.


You will be surprised how quickly they pick this up and although they say from two years plus, I’d recommend starting earlier if you think your children are interested. They might just surprise you!


What learning games do you enjoy playing with your pre-schoolers ?


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