Learning to ride a bike

When I learnt to ride a bike over 30 years ago now, things were a little different to how they are these days. My dad taught me to ride my bike down the side of our house. It was a hill, OK a slope, down to a busy corner, maybe it just felt like a hill when I was little.

There were no helmets back in those days. My dad would get me to push my bike up the slope, then I’d get on and start riding down the hill with him holding the back of the seat.

After a few goes he let go of the seat about halfway down.

All was fine until I realised he was no longer holding on to me, I wobbled and fell off.

Things are a bit different these days. I’d never let the children ride a bike or scooter without a helmet and we try to ride in quite safe spots like cycle paths and country walks, at least to begin with.

The big kids had scooters first before a bike with stabilisers. They were quite reluctant with their bikes initially, as they had nailed their scooters so well. Although they are both great at bike riding now, they’d probably still chose their scooters over their bikes as they can now do tricks and all sorts on their scooters.

The little boys have also had scooters, but they started with a micro scooter with a seat. The natural progression from there is to a balance bike as there are similarities in how both are used. I remember balance bikes being around when the big kids were toddlers but as they were the new thing then the prices were sky high so I never felt I could justify getting one.

These days I am pleased to say that they are MUCH more affordable, take the Yvolution Y Velo Balance Bikes for example, these are priced at £49.99 and superb quality. They are weighty enough that they feel sturdy and well constructed but still lightweight enough that little people can push them around easily.


The Y Velo Balance bikes have no pedals or training wheels and have just enough stability that will teach children how to balance on a bike. These make superb first bikes for little tots but if you are looking for something for an older child, or like my older children, yours prefer a scooter, then Yvolution have a huge range of products to choose from and they really do seem to be a brand you can trust.

Putting this little first bike together really couldn’t be more simple, I did think I had put the handlebars on back to front after being distracted by my little helpers but I think that was a false alarm.


The seat and handlebars go down really low so if your tots are extra tiny for their age like ours then they can still enjoy the bikes. Little protests like this one are commonplace but all part of the learning process for little legs.


Summer is coming it seems, at least we’ve now had two consecutive warm days here, so that counts as summer right? So it’s a great time to get outside with your children and choose a new bike.

Promoting good balance can be so beneficial at this age for all sorts of things, but one of the great things balance bikes offer as well is independence!


  1. Little man has a balance bike but has never really got it. I have seen friends children whizz off on the things. I think they are a great way of getting smaller children on bikes #sharewithme

  2. What a great way to teach smaller children to how to ride a bike. It’s great if they learn when they’re younger as we’re struggling a bit to teach the Tubblet now she’s 12!

  3. Balance bikes are such an awesome idea. Mine loved theirs and they really do help with the whole learning to ride thing. That said, Luka is still lacking in confidence when it comes to losing the stabilisers! Hoping this summer will be the time for him! xx

  4. Lovely balance bike. There are so many out there. We only have a scooter and a bike with stablisiers. None of them my son is able to use. Hubby thinks it’s a waste of money to get a balance bike but I think it might help him.

    1. How about trying out our LittleBig 3-in-1 bike? It transforms from a balance bike to a pedal bike so you don’t need to upgrade when your child wants to start pedalling.

  5. I absolutely love love love that cycle helmet. Where is it from?

    Balance bikes are a great idea – can’t believe we never had them when we were little. H mastered a scooter really quickly. He has only just shown an interest in the balance bike my Dad bought him for his 2nd birthday which I think was a little too soon to try and get him riding (he is 3 in 2 months). I think my Dad was just very keen to buy him his first bike 🙂 #sharewithme

  6. My youngest daughter had a balance bike but could never seem to get it. I hope to pass it onto my little boy and I hope he will whizz along on it!

  7. All of my kids have had balance bikes and they are such a great idea! I never heard of them until the children but they meant that the children could start “riding” their bike at such a young age and make the transition really quickly! Fab post! #sharewithme

  8. I would love to get a scooter or a balance bike for my nearly 3 year old, but we live on a steep hill, and the park is on a steep hill… I’m just a bit scared that he’s going to go down the hill before he knows how to control the bike/scooter. I also have a baby, so I have a buggy to push. This means I can’t run after my toddler to save him, if he’s in free fall…

  9. Balance bikes are such a great way to kick start bike riding. I haven’t ever had one for my two I think I started them on bikes way too late they are perfect for younger ones started out. This one looks like so much fun. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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