Learning to ski: what’s the best age?

Ah skiing….



Three things that are never far from my mind, but what is the best age to start this awesome hobby/way of life? As someone who began skiing at the age of five (thanks to my parents) I’d say the earlier the better.

Children tend to be fearless and of course there is not so far to fall. Learning to ski as early as possible will mean they are experts by the time they hit the teenage years, where, depending on their school, there could be a chance of a school ski trip.


My two eldest first skied at the age of three as that was the youngest ski school would take them. There are lots of options for getting children used to being in the snow and mountain air pre-ski school with the range of childcare options at some resorts. There is nothing like a good bit of sledging or snowman building though to get everyone excited – just remember the warm gloves to avoid going from excited to hysterical in about five seconds!

As much as I’m a believer in the earlier the better I also think that it is never too late. Skiing was something that my dad always wanted to try but it wasn’t until he was nearly 40 that he decided he would (we would) give it a go. I will always be eternally grateful that he made that decision, otherwise I wouldn’t have had those amazing experiences and fallen in love with a sport that gives me goosebumps…and I’m not talking about the chilly mountain air!

Even at 40, 50, 60 and now 70 he can take on most things on the mountain, but I’m sure that by far the best mountain moments for him have been skiing with his grandchildren.

Skiing is a sport where everyone young or old (sorry pops) can come together to share magic moments.

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  1. You are so right! I grew up near the mountains in the Czech Republic, and started skiing at the age of 6 I think. We used to go skiing every weekend from November till late March! I will never forget this.
    When I met my hubby in Sydney years ago, I took him skiing there ( would you believe in Australia), and made sure he knew about my passion. Then I taught him skiing properly once we were back in Europe. Isabelle started skiing at the age of 3 and Olivia has just been for the first time at the Snow Centre at the Crystal Family Ski family day, and loved it, also aged 3. Cannot wait to take them skiing again this winter. Thanks for linking #FitnessTuesday

  2. Skiing has never really interested me much, I’m not one for lots of snow! Although I do agree with your ‘the earlier the better’ ethos. I think the sooner you can get the children learning something the better. 🙂 Great post.

  3. I’m so keen to get my boyfriend’s nieces skiing as soon as possible. They’re 3 and 6, so great ages for learning! I didn’t learn until I was in uni, but it’s definitely never too late. At the This Girl Can event I attended, there were ladies aged 60+ who were learning and absolutely smashing it! x

    Sarah | Sequin This

  4. OH wants to get ours skiing early. I’ve never done it & I don’t want to. I couldn’t do the lifts, let alone the skiing. I understand the idea of having kids start young, but it will make me very nervous. But then it would if they were older too. I actually love the snow, ice skating, and would like to try cross country skiing. It’s just the slopes and the ski lifts I can’t cope with. I don’t like heights, lifts, cable cars…! #twinklytuesday

    1. Have you seen Bridget Jones on the ski lift? I love that scene! My friend jokes that would be her! Cross Country might be the way to go then! Lovely through the trees!

  5. I sometimes joke with my hubby that if we want our son to reach the Olympics we better get him into a sport now. I do think the earlier exercise is introduced the more natural it is to continue. I don’t ski, so maybe my son and I can learn together!

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