“Let’s make something Mummy”

A friend told me that these are the words that send shivers down her spine – in fact she told me that crafting is banned from her house “they can do all that at school” she told me.

Now as much as the timing of these requests is often not always ideal, and as much as it takes an entire week afterwards to wrestle the house back into some semblance of normality, I can’t help but love the excitement the children get from making things together.

20150925_160424_resizedThe ‘together’ bit is really important to them, it’s not that they just want to make stuff, they want to do it all together. So each time they bounce up and down enthusiastically brandishing their scissors and ‘making things box’ or crates as we have now expanded to… I get out the glue and the tape, the paint and the sequins and we make a bed for Barbie, a mask and claws for Wolverine, a castle for the knights to battle in, or super-spy headquarters, or another spider… because that’s just how we roll!

After the devastation is complete, every surface covered in glue and sequins and ‘treasures’ that need to dry – I curse momentarily because I am the one clearing it all up, but really…every time I look at their masterpieces, I see passed the crap and remember the joy they had making them, as well as the fact that they are all super talented!

Do you craft much with your children?

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  1. Sounds like great fun. I do like having a go at crafty things, and my daughter really enjoys it too, any excuse to get the glitter, glue and cellotape out and she’s happy. #brilliantblogposts

  2. That’s all my 2 girls want to do! They are aged 8 & 6 and they just love drawing, writing & making things. We have a plastic set of 4 drawers filled with pens/pencils/paper/glue/sticky tape/sequins etc which they can use on a daily basis then on days when we have extra time then I can get the messy things (glitter/paint etc) out of the garage.
    My husband suddenly gets ocd when the paint & glitter comes out lol

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