Little green fingers: part five

If you have been following our little green fingers series you will know that, not only have the children been getting green-fingered at school but also in the garden at home.

We have planted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a range of other bedding plants over the last few weeks and the children have thoroughly enjoyed it.


There is always a bit of tidying up to do, but where possible I have been trying to make the tidying up part of the fun.

The boys know where things are kept and understand what needs to go in the bin and so on.

Now the weather is a bit warmer we have had the pressure washer out, washing the tools and also washing the winter mud off the wellies.


The regular pressure washer is way too powerful for the children to use… it would probably knock the minis over, so we use this cool kids pressure washer… which looks just like Daddy’s but on a smaller scale and less powerful.

This makes cleaning the garden tools fun…although be prepared for cleaning to escalate into a water fight!

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  1. I love seeing kids get involved with gardening for the past two years we have made an effort to grow veg in our garden with the boys and they absolutely love it. they love watering everything and taking care of it all 1 great post #bigfatlinky

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