Little green fingers: part six

If you have been following the blog over the last few months you might have seen our little green fingers series.

The children have been busy both in the school garden and at home. I’ll be updating you on the progress in the school garden soon.

We’ve had some lovely plants from Grandma recently so the children have enjoyed planting and watering them. Typically, each time they have watered it has been followed by a huge downpour but at least they had fun. It is so lovely to see children taking care of something and looking after the things they are growing in the garden. Every time we go outside to play we have to check on the plants to see how they are doing. These plants even got a kiss this week!


Something is definitely happening where we planted the pumpkin seeds, so fingers crossed by Halloween I won’t need to sneak out and arrange a few bought ones where we planted our seeds. The mint (our toothpaste plant) as the children call it has gone wild and some of the other things we planted are starting to bloom.

We have needed to move some large heavy pots around the garden this week. To do this and we’ve been using the HandiMoova as they are too heavy to carry, even with little helpers. This handy gadget can be used for all sorts so if you have lots to move around it would be worth checking out. Designed and developed in the UK, the HandiMoova can help you shift loads of up to 60kg across all terrains. It’s foldable, easy to store and lightweight at just 5kg. It can go up and down steps with ease, meaning there are endless possibilities for what it can help you with.

If you specifically want to use it as your garden buddy there is a special bag you can purchase called the HandiSac that fits the trolley.


Whilst we have been using this in the garden, I can see that there are so many uses for the HandiMoova – I could have done with this a few years ago when I was lugging huge boxes in and out of the car at various training venues across the UK.

Your only problem will be resisting the urge to let all the children climb on for a ride!

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