Little green fingers: part two

You might have already read ‘Little green fingers: part one’ – if not you can read it here.

We have been transferring the skills the children have learnt working in the community garden at school into the garden at home.

Working in the garden together is a great learning opportunity on lots of levels. Not only are the children learning new skills and about how things grow, but they are also learning to work together as a team.


They have really enjoyed digging in the soil over the last couple of weeks, although we haven’t had a huge amount of great weather here, so we have been dodging the rain a bit.


The children spent some time getting the soil nice and soft and adding in some compost. They enjoyed raking and mixing the soil and the compost together. The compost we used was the type that expands when mixed with water, they really enjoyed using the watering can and buckets to carry water from the outside tap.


After the soil was ready and they were happy with what they had done, they planted some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some flowers.


They also enjoyed pulling off some fresh mint from the mint bush and smelling the “toothpaste plant” as they named it.


What have you been doing in the garden with the children?
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  1. What fantastic little helpers! We’ve planted seeds in the house then planted them outside a few weeks ago. We have quite a few veggies growing. The big girl is on “turning red” watch on the berries. She will help me dig up and pick the veggies when they are ready. She helps her daddy water them in the evenings (and has an impromptu pre-bath shower!).

  2. I love it when mine come to help in the garden, a great way to enjoy some family fresh air time and perfect to reinforce school learning too. I hope your pumpkins flourish and I love the windmills, such fun! Popping by from Magic Moments but do please join me for Country Kids too.

  3. My little man and I are about to fill some pots with flowers and evergreens for the front of our house. I also adore the smell of fresh mint. yum! #magicmoments

  4. Looks like they had so much fun, my children love playing in the garden too. Love the toothpaste plant, I might start calling it that myself 😉 Thank you for linking up to #magicmoments

  5. What great little helpers. It’s so great they are showing an interest in gardening. Our girls love to help Grandma garden too- it’s great for them to grow up showing an interest. x

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