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Little people, big questions: part five

Welcome to part five in our series of “Little people big questions”. The children are fascinated about the body and how various bits and pieces work. Are your children the same?

We’ve had some interesting questions, explanations and comments about various parts of the body and how they work, such as:

“Is blood hot or cold?”

“Why is blood red?”

“Do you know that your kidneys are inside your knees?”

“Why is poo brown? It would look nicer if it was purple”

“When you yawn, it is your tongue telling you it is tired from helping you eat”

To help to clarify some of these points we’ve recently been looking at a super book called “The Amazing Human Body Detectives“. This is very well illustrated and contains easy to understand explanations and facts about the workings of the body.


Our body is an amazing thing and there’s so much more to discover about it than meets the eye. The Amazing Body Detectives is a fun and informative insight into the inner and outer world of our bodies. No nook and cranny is left undiscovered, no goosebump left unexplored – which is wonderful as part of an extended learning process.

We all know that we all have unique fingerprints, but did you know that we also have a unique tongue print? Did you know that when you are awake, the human brain has enough electricity whizzing about to power a light bulb? Brilliant! These are just the kinds of facts children love to hear. Did you know our eyelashes have little creatures living on them – gross!

Have you been asked any funny questions about how things work?

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