Little people, big questions: part four

Welcome to part four of our series on “Little people, big questions”. If you have been following this series you will know that so far we have covered: the election; how the baby gets in; and how the baby gets out. Part four relates to how the world began and the series of events which followed.

The big kids have been interested in this topic for a while now and have asked lots of questions. We’ve had a few discussions about this but I’ve been trying to decide on a good book that we can read together that will explain things in a way that they can understand and relate to.

I’ve been beaten to it.

Today, one of the big kids informed me that I no longer needed to look for a good book as they had learnt about everything at school today. How the world began in one day is impressive, so I needed to hear more.

For anyone out there who is wondering how the world began and also what happened next then here is the explanation, I hope it clears things up for you:

  1. Chlorine created the dinosaurs
  2. A massive meteor came down from space and landed in the sea. It caused a huge tidal wave, which covered the earth and wiped out all the dinosaurs
  3. Plants started to grow and they gave off oxygen which created people
  4. First came the Celts
  5. Then came the Romans
  6. Then came the cave men and women and the cave dogs
  7. Then there was World War I and then World War II
  8. Then came the Victorians
  9. The British were the last ones to be created


So there you have it, I am reliably informed by one of my children that is how it all began.

“If you have any questions Mummy, just ask, I’m available all evening”.

I posed the question – “So if there were no dinosaurs and people around at the same time…can you explain how they made the Jurassic Park movies?”

“Oh Mummy, that’s a rubbish question – everyone knows that they found a film of the dinosaurs from back when they were alive and just added the people in afterwards. I can’t believe you didn’t know that. It’s called special effects!”

Quite frankly I am disappointed that I didn’t know all this before. Good job I have a little fountain of knowledge living with me!

Did you realise that this was the sequence of events?

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  1. Brilliant. I do love what kids come out with. At the moment I get the questions, but without the knowledge….except for farming. I’ve been informed that N knows everything about farming. #sharewithme

  2. Brilliant! I love how their little minds work. We are having lots of conversations like this lately – my very curious, scientific 6yo has started attending a religious school this year. There have been one or two differences of opinion, to put it politely (e.g. when told that Jesus lived in everybody’s heart, he told the teacher ‘Not mine! There’s only blood in mine!’). Currently struggling with how his basic knowledge of evolution can co-exist with the teachings of Genesis… not comfortably, is my conclusion! #FridayFrolics

    1. Ah yes – the children have been told “…and god made all little children” and the response from one of mine was “erm no, it’s a seed from a daddy and and egg from a mummy…”

  3. They are wise. You would do well to pay attention more carefully. It is kind that they are available for questions afterwards, should you think of any after you have digested these fine nuggets of information. I was reliably informed this morning that my arm was made of jelly and would wobble around if I didn’t have a bone. bones are made of sticks and keep your jelly straight.

  4. Kids are great at asking the tough ones. I am sending my kids your way when the questions start coming out. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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