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Little people, big questions: part three

If you have been tuned into our series on “Little people, big questions” you will know that part two covered “Mummy, how is the baby going to get in?” – if you didn’t catch it, you can read it here. Of course, it goes without saying what part three relates to…

Another one of those questions you don’t plan a response for because, well frankly you hope you won’t ever have to answer it. Doh! How silly I was to think for a second that my clever children would settle for anything less than…well, the truth.


So the red-faced (on my part) moment went a bit like this…

“So Mummy does the doctor cut your tummy to get the baby out?”

“Well actually some babies do come out like that yes”

“Is that how we came out?”

Hmmmm, how was I going to deal with this one?

“Well, erm…no”

“Oh gross, don’t tell me Mummy that we came out of your bottom”.  “So we waved at the poo on the way by? Oh Mummy that is so gross”.

I quickly interrupted “No of course you didn’t come out of my bottom, don’t be silly, that just wouldn’t work”.

Then I realised, there was nothing left but the truth.

I was looking down at these puzzled looking faces clearly wondering if they hadn’t come out of my tummy or my bottom, what was possibly left.

So I told them.


I’ve never seen them so quiet.

Eventually came a comment “No we didn’t Mummy, that is ridiculous, Mummy you are teasing us .

Fortunately, they were happy leaving our discussion there and didn’t require any more detail – they were quite disgusted enough for one day it would seem.

Have you had to tackle this with your children? Was it more successful than this?

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