Long-lasting toys

Toys that can be passed down, are well made, long lasting and have a wide appeal to different age ranges are my favourite toys of all.

If like me, you have a few children you will also appreciate these sorts of toys no doubt.

There are some great toys on the market and some really rubbish ones too!


Some of the best toys in our experience so far have been:

  • The Fisher Price Jumperoo
  • Micro scooters
  • Duplo and LEGO
  • The play kitchen and play food
  • The hippy chick ride on animals

There are others we love, but all of these have been played with loads, clean up really well, have a wide appeal and/or are perfect for passing down to younger siblings.


Toys like the play kitchen and play food get played with by all four children at once. They love role play and will play so nicely together, creating a coffee shop and taking orders.


What are your top toy picks?

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  1. My vote hands down goes to Marble Run. I loved, my brother loved it (who’s 16 years younger than me) and now Reuben and Gabby are all over it. It’s a total winner!!


  2. I definitely agree with lego. Who doesn’t love it! And once your kids are done with it you can always pass them on. They are super durable.
    I was considering buying plastic food, but in a way I want my son to learn about fruit and veg from the real stuff. I am slowly coming around to the idea, as like you say, it’s ideal for role play.

    1. Yes it works well for role play. They touch and smell food when the cook and bake and try different foods but there are lots of occasions when the play food comes in handy.

  3. Jumperoo was great when my twins were younger. I could put one in and then feed the other. Lego is always a classic and will always continue to be so! My girls love their play shop and pretending to cook the play food. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. I have a pile of Lego waiting for Pickle for when he’s a bit older. I also had Luke’s Brio train set (timeless) and a cracking farm too. Kaz x x

  5. I agree with your choices. My son loved the Jumperoo and I then sold it on for the same price as I brought it. He also loves his play kitchen and wooden garage, I wish I had brought that ages ago.
    Popping over from #BinkyLinky

  6. My oldest is 12 and no longer plays with her toys anymore but we have so many much loved toys packed away for her little sister. Her sylvanian families still look in perfect condition even though she spent years playing with them x #binkylinky

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