Making bathtime a sensory experience: part one

Bathtime is one of my favourite parts of the day. Now, yes I admit I love to be able to climb into a big bath of bubbles myself and relax and no, that doesn’t happen very often but that’s no biggy really because I also love bathtime for another reason….

All the children absolutely love it and are all excited to pile into the bath.

I have quite a tight system at bathtime just to make sure everyone gets the cream they need, hairwashes, teeth are brushed etc but bathtime is always an ‘experience’ as well and we love coming up with new ideas and trying new things.

I saw somewhere something about these glow sticks that can be used in bath. I love this idea but can’t find what I am looking for anywhere.

We love sensory play and it captivates the big kids and the babies, they all take something from this.

We also love things like bubble bath that changes the colour of the water and bubble bath that just makes tones of bubbles. We will listen quietly sometimes as the bubbles ‘talk to each other’ and other times the children enjoying making each other look like snowmen!

Most importantly it is always fun. A fantastic part of the day and part of a regular routine they are all familiar with.

I am always on the look out for new products that can impact on the sensory element of bathtime and I have recently come across a pricey but fabulous bubble bath by Mustela – it is actually called ‘Multi-sensory bubble bath’ and it is an award winning product.

I first came across Mustela about 8 years ago in France. I bought some of their baby wipes from a pharmacy. I remember back then thinking they were the most expensive baby wipes I had ever seen (more a reflection of prices in French pharmacies than anything else) – but also the best ones I had ever tried. Eight years on, no wipes have ever come close to these but you never see them in the UK. I just assumed back then they were not available so never looked again but I need to look into buying some of these online.

I also remember what an amazing smell they had and how conditioned skin felt after using them and that applies to their other products as well. Both the bubble bath and the baby shampoo leave skin cleansed, soft and smelling scrummy.

Having now looked into all the products they do I think I need to add them all to my wish list on Amazon because there are some lovely looking products.The bath oil and baby massage oil look great and the beauty about these products is that they are baby products which can also become beauty products as well – I remember the baby wipes being great for taking make up off for example.

The bubble bath is my absolute favourite simply because it contributes to the sensory experience I like bathtime to be. The colour is a rich blue, the bubbles are wonderful and the smell takes over the entire upstairs, not just the bathroom.

My only reservation about these products is the price, the bubble bath is £9.99 on Amazon which I think is expensive but having said that this is one of those products where you get what you pay for. You don’t need to put much in to get loads of bubbles and an amazing aroma.I have found that some of the cheaper bubble baths need half the bottle to get any decent bottles so you could say we aren’t getting great value from those after all.

I am still on the hunt for my bathtime glow sticks so if anyone knows where you can get them please let me know!



  1. Aww I remember mine being ittle and loving bath time 🙂 whoo the glow sticks sound a great idea, my daughter would love these too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop..

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