Making a jungle collage canvas

No half term would be complete without a bit of crafting would it? With the help of some bits and bobs from Bostik, two of the children decided to make a collage picture on a canvas.

We are in the process of re-decorating the playroom at the moment. Once finished it will be a jungle theme, so the children decided to create a picture that would fit in with the new playroom.

After sorting through a range of materials they got to work. The sky was the first stage, so they stuck blue felt carefully to the canvas.


This was followed by the jungle floor. They used a green foam material for this to give it a different look and texture to the sky and this was stuck over the felt.


The next stage was to create a tree for some of the animals to sit in. The tree was made using two different types of materials, a coloured foam and glitter card. These were cut free hand before being glued to the picture.


The next stage was to start building up the animals. A pipe cleaner was used to show a tiger in the tree, then foam sticky animals were used to add to the picture. They made a tropical bird out of a button and some coloured feathers, and even a pool for the hippo out of foam.


The hippo even had a “splash” coming out of the pool.

This can now find a home on the wall of the playroom as part of our jungle theme – just need to put the room back together now!


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