Money saving tips for families: part fourteen

Welcome to part fourteen of our ‘money saving tips for families’. In this article we are looking at a brand new app. LatestFreeStuff is the only UK’s only freebie site to release a mobile app and it launches today!

So what is it? LatestFreeStuff collates freebies from across the web and puts them all in one place. Hooray!

The app is a fantastic tool that allows users to apply for freebies on the go. You can apply for everything from free make up to free gym passes to free baby products.

Screenshot_2015-07-12-16-51-55_resized   Screenshot_2015-07-12-16-52-50

Having had a look at the app there are some really great freebies on there which literally involve you clicking on the freebie and then filling in your details for the sample. There are lots of others however that are a bit of a con – for example “Free £20 Nando’s gift card” – when you click on this you quickly realise that you have to complete a range of other tasks to earn points to then eventually …. in the year 2025 get your ‘free’ Nando’s gift card. I jest…but you get the picture.

Despite these cons there are certainly some great freebies, so if you have a few minutes spare it is well worth a browse and the fact this can all be done on a smartphone makes it all the more user-friendly for busy parents.

If you want to take a look you can find the Apple link here and the Android link here.

Let us know if you find any good freebies!


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