Money saving tips for families: part five


You can almost say the word and see instant £££££ flash in front of your eyes can’t you?

It isn’t just buying or leasing a car. It is the running costs as well. So you have insurance, road tax, fuel, MOTs, servicing and any other maintenance you might need doing. Then there are new tyres and brake pads.

Typically these sort of expenses come at the wrong time of year for people as well which is just typical.

We shudder at the amount that cars cost us yet many of us just can’t do without them. I know we couldn’t! We live in a rural area and using any other form of transport just would not work.

The other bit about cars which often frustrates me is the time it can take to negotiate with a garage, get prices, get other quotes, set up the work to be done etc.

Then… there is still the inconvenience of having to take your car somewhere to get sorted and then the time you are left to manage without one, or at best a courtesy car that doesn’t suit your needs.

Then…the most painful bit of all…paying the bill!

We can’t get away from the need to do these things but we can look for a better experience at a cost-effective rate.

I wanted to share with you an experience we have had with a company called Servicing Stop recently. Have any of you used them before?

Servicing Stop is here to make the process of having a car service hassle free, convenient and cost effective. No need to worry about dealing with a garage, or negotiating the service cost and work, just book your car service with them and they will make sure everything is taken care for you.

  • You can call FREE or book online – one of their advisors will then book in your car service on a date convenient to you.
  • On the date of your car service a FREE nationwide collection is arranged between 8am and 10am or an agreed time – either from your home or work.
  • Your car service will be done by an approved Servicing Stop garage. They will also check the manufacturer service schedule, making sure if necessary any additional items are advised. They only use GENUINE car parts of O.E. (Original Equipment) standard, making sure your warranty is protected.
  • If there is any additional work required, one of their advisors will always seek prior authorisation from you before any work is done. The work is only carried out if you agree to the additional cost and work.
  • Each car service is carried out by qualified mechanics and technicians using the latest equipment. Every car service with them is covered by a 12 months parts & labour guarantee.
  • It’s simple they will let you know when the Car Service is completed. From Here you can pay through our online payment system with your debit or Credit Card.
  • Your car will be returned to your home or work between 4pm – 6pm (FREE delivery) or a time convenient to you.

I was so impressed with Servicing Stop I wanted to share this with you. The service quite frankly was first class from start to finish.

After booking the service easily on line, I was given a named contact of someone who would update me of progress throughout the day.

The garage carrying out the service contacted me on my mobile the day before to arrange a time and their driver arrived at that time. He was polite and friendly,as were all the staff at the garage and Servicing Stop itself.

I was provided with an update as described and told of an estimated time that my car would be delivered back to me. It arrived 20 minutes prior to this time which was, I thought, excellent service.

No hassle.No having to lug children and stuff to a garage and back and what’s more the price was £45 cheaper than elsewhere.

I couldn’t be more pleased and suggest all you busy families give them a go – whether you are at work or home in the day they can service your car in a seamless fashion.

As if the price, ease of set up, home collection and delivery wasn’t enough…the car also arrived home utterly spotless inside and out…look at this!

The only thing that did occur to me was that as Servicing Stop use other garages you must be semi-reliant on the quality of the service by that garage. I had a great experience and from what I can tell Servicing Stop run a first class service and get in touch with the garage for you so it still takes any hassle away from you.

Do let me know how you get on with them. I am so pleased I have discovered them and hope you all have a great experience too!
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