Money saving tips for families: part four

Buying footwear when you have a family can seem endless.Unlike us grown ups little feet are growing and changing shape all the time.When we buy new shoes as grown ups it is usually because previous pairs have worn out or we just see a new style or type of shoe we would like.Little people have new shoes mainly when their feet grow BUT every time their feet grow you have to buy new everything. So it isn’t just shoes, it is new wellies, maybe snow boots, trainers, smart shoes, slippers, maybe sandals or flip flops. Then if they are at school that also means new school shoes, PE trainers, and pumps. THEN if they do other activities outside of school it could mean new ballet shoes, tap shoes, football or rubgy boots, riding boots, running spikes and so on …. and on …. and on!Then times this by two, or three, or four or more and that’s a whole lot of shoes and a whole lot of expense.As much as it would be lovely to be able to get children the best of everything all of the time, for many families that just isn’t realistic or achievable.  Also, from experience expensive does not always mean good quality. I have bought my children a range of pricey footwear in the past and especially where school shoes are concerned they don’t last any longer than cheaper brands. One option for keeping the costs down is to shop around. Keep an eye out for offers and bargains and stock up on the next sizes of things when you see an offer on.Another option is to try out some of the value brands for some of your family footwear. Companies like Shoe Zone have a huge range of footwear for all the family and buying just a few pairs from them can save you an absolute fortune. Children aren’t in their shoes long enough sometimes to justify spending a huge amount of money on every single pair so why not try out a more cost effective option ad see what you think.They have everything from school shoes to party shoes, to trainers to snow boots, to slippers to snug boots, to wellies to sandals and much more. They have a huge number of items to choose from as well as other items such as bags and umbrellas.If you fancy treating yourself they also have a large range of shoes and boots for adults. I like these, only £14.99 and great for work or the school run. They are a nice wide fit so very comfy but look smart too. They have a little heel but not enough to make you feel unstable (it’s small enough that you can still dash about!).

Given the weather at the moment it might be worth taking a look at the snow boots . These Tresspass snow boots are reduced at the moment to £14.99 – great in the snow, ice and heavy rain. They keep little feet cosy with the fluffy lining but they are quite heavy duty tough boots so you can be sure that little feet will stay warm and dry. These are sturdy and mean little people aren’t sliding all over the place in bad weather. These come in a range of sizes from 28-35. For smaller feet, we love the look of the ones at this link.

What are your tops tips for buying family footwear? Have you tried Shoe Zone before? Do you watch out for offers and stock up?


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