Money saving tips for families: part nine

You might have been reading our series of posts on money saving tips for families recently. There are a number of ways families can save money and we have covered several different areas so far in this series.

One of the ways to save money is looking at your shopping bills, and finding new ways and different shops to purchase your families’ supplies from. Lots of families use discount stores, as they stock branded items for less, and whilst you can’t get everything you need, you can save on some items.

Some families shop in bulk and use wholesale stores that are open to the public. However, if you have limited storage at home, this isn’t always an option.

What if you could buy items for your household at wholesale prices without having to buy 50 of them at a time? Would that appeal?

HomeGroceries is an online retailer of household branded ambient food and drink. They sell items to their ‘members’, similar to a buying group, but without any distracting ‘special offers’ such as save 10% or buy 2 get 1 free. I saw one of these the other day whilst doing my online shopping. It told me I had missed out on an offer but when I looked, by adding to my basket I was only saving 2p on the cost of buying two normally and I only needed one of the item anyway!

Items are sold at wholesale prices, but without the large quantities and pack sizes. Their members act as buying group and the more members they have, the more products they can stock and the better prices they can offer.  So tell your friends and family!



It is easy to become a member. Membership is only £35 and lasts for one year. All of their products are well known ‘household brands’ that are sourced direct from the manufacturer/supplier.



In addition to food and drink, they offer an increasing range of cleaning and health and beauty products. Here are a few examples.


As they operate through the website alone, they don’t have massive stores and huge overheads, which means that they pass the savings on to their customers – good news right? They are a small business based in South East England and they can deliver to most of the UK.

Take a look at some of the prices of items they have in stock at the moment!

Screenshot_2015-04-20-23-58-12_resized Screenshot_2015-04-20-23-58-54_resized Screenshot_2015-04-20-23-59-24_resized Screenshot_2015-04-21-00-00-44_resized Screenshot_2015-04-21-00-01-15_resized Screenshot_2015-04-21-00-02-02_resized Screenshot_2015-04-21-00-02-14_resized


If you are looking to change the way you shop then they are well worth checking out. Will you be able to purchase everything you need? No , but you will be able to cross a good amount of products off that shopping list without drowning in loo roll or toothpaste that you bought in bulk just because it was on offer. You don’t need to buy in bulk because the prices are always good!

As HomeGroceries stock big brand items you don’t need to compromise there either – you can keep purchasing big brand items, you will just pay less.


  1. This site sounds really interesting! I’m off to investigate further. You always have such great tips! Thank you for sharing on #ThriftyThursday

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