Money saving tips for families: part twelve

If you have been reading lately you will know that we have been running a series on money saving tips for families. We have covered a range of topics, with all sorts of money saving tips, so be sure to check out the other articles when you get a chance.

Have you heard ofย High Street Huddleย ? If not then read on because if you are a parent or parent-to-be this could help you make savings across many of the things you might be looking to buy.

High Street Huddle have created a platform through which people can use the power of the internet to join with others who want the same thing at the same time.

When the world has become so interconnected, why do customers still have to pay higher prices as individuals?

High Street Huddle

So how can you begin to make savings?

  1. Sign up with High Street Huddle and create an account
  2. Spend sometime looking through the items you want to buy
  3. Use the easy slider to fix the price you want to pay (you will be shown the comparative cost of buying elsewhere and dispatch time)
  4. Add your items to basket
  5. Checkout
  6. Enjoy your items for less than you would have paid elsewhere

Sound good?

There are a real range of items available, covering all aspects of parenting so if you need to buy a change mat, play mat, bottles, breast pump, car seat etc, you should really check the price there first.

Happy huddling !

You Baby Me Mummy


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