Moving from a cot to a bed

A while back I wrote an article on milestones.  One of the big milestones for little people has to be moving from a cot to a bed.

It is a milestone that all parents approach differently and when you choose to make the switch will depend on a number of things:

  • If your little one has been in a cot or cot bed
  • Their age
  • What sort of sleeper they are
  • How you think they will behave in a bed
  • How much they move about in their sleep
  • Their language and comprehension of moving to a bed
  • Something else personal to them

Personally, I have always gone cot bed – to side off cot bed – to big bed, and never used a bed guard.

The thing is that all children react differently, so it is far from an exact science.  It’s one of those trial and error milestones in my view.

Siblings who share a room can sometimes help and sometimes hinder this, so again trial and error.

Something I have always done is make a big deal about the big girl/boy bed and how exciting it is. The switch has always involved new bedding on the lines of a specific theme, so the children are excited about the switch and snuggling down in their new bed.

When looking for bedding, Vertbaudet have a great range of super soft cotton bedding which washes and irons well and keeps it’s colour.

Here are a few ideas:

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Have you made the transition yet? What are your top tips?


  1. Another poem:
    children fall out of bed
    without realizing it and then
    a substantial padding is better
    the sides of our young;
    What about the quilt from various tones
    drawings and appetizing, bed linen.
    (Patty Greta Biankakki)

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