My favourite things about you

My darling children, you are changing and developing each day and I fear I will forget these precious moments as the years pass us by. You all have so many similar qualities and are so alike in many ways, but at the same time you are all so different with your unique personalities.

At this moment in time these are my favourite things about each of you:


  • Your confidence
  • Your sense of adventure
  • Your beauty
  • Your love for your brothers
  • Your transparency
  • Your determination
  • Your desire to succeed at everything
  • Your perfect blend of Barbie and Lara Croft
  • Your sensitivity


  • Your sophisticated sense of humour
  • Your love of reading
  • Your incredible imagination
  • Your creativity
  • Your loving nature
  • Your cuddles
  • Your one-liners
  • Your superb memory
  • Your attention to detail


  • Your incredible eyes
  • Your tender kisses
  • Your funny phrases
  • Your many expressions
  • Your enthusiasm for cooking
  • Your excitement when you wake up
  • Your huge personality for one so small
  • Your cheekiness


  • Your utterly infectious smile
  • Your caterpillar like crawl
  • Your giggle
  • Your adoration for your siblings
  • Your need to be close to mummy or daddy
  • Your disregard for baby toys and attempts to keep up with your siblings
  • Your ability to remain un-phased by the whirlwind of life
  • Your very wet and sloppy kisses
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  1. What a beautiful and sweet post about your gorgeous little ones. Love this. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Is scary how time passes by you isn’t it! I remember everyone telling me how fast it would pass and they weren’t wrong! They grow up before you even blink! Great read! Suz x

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