Need a break? Ideas to help you rejuvenate

Being a mum is challenging. Your children are reliant on you 24/7 in the early days, and after that still so if you are the one doing the bulk of the care, so it’s hard to have any ‘me time’. Even after a return to work, or even if you share the care with a partner it can be hard to find the time.

Everyone needs a break sometimes, even if it is only for a short while, half an hour at a time even, you need to give yourself a break now and again.  Here are some ideas to help you rejuvenate when you need a break from parenting!

mummy and children

Go to the spa

I’m half joking here of course…as if we can all head to the spa every time we need a break! It’s hard to find time to look after your body and face when you are a mum. It’s usually a quick splash of water and moisturizer before you concentrate on your children.

To have some proper ‘me time’, you could go for a spa day with a family member or a friend, finances permitting. You might be able to book it in as a once a year thing even? Ask your partner or a family friend to look after the children for a few of hours and spend a day at the spa. You could book in for a treatment or two such as a facial or a massage.

Spend time with a friend

Spending some time with your friends is a great way to rejuvenate. In fact, research has found it helped busy mums relax and even feel younger. Therefore, book a day out with your friends to help you have a fun day. You could go on a shopping trip, lunch date, or just for a nice walk. Try and arrange to see your friends every so often to help you rejuvenate.


Enjoy some time on your own

It can sometimes help to go out and spend some time on your own to rejuvenate when you need a break from parenting, even if it’s just a short walk around the block, it can help you to rejuvenate. Most of the time I feel revived with 45 minutes to exercise or lie in a bubble bath but there are parents who have child care provision for days which means they can even arrange to go on a short trip which is ideal for single travellers.

Find something that you really want to do and that is possible given your circumstances and hopefully you will feel rejuvenated. 


Attend a course or class

If you feel like you need a break from parenting, it could be a great time to go on a short course. Perhaps there is a skill you have always wanted to try but haven’t had a chance to yet. A short course will enable you to learn while also socialising with other people. It might only be an hour a week, but you will feel uplifted afterwards. Additionally, you could always join an exercise class if you want a break from the children. If you can’t find a babysitter, you could even join a course online that you can do once the children are in bed, or equally an exercise DVD (I have several!!)

Remember to enjoy a date night with your other half every so often. It can lift both your spirits and ensure your relationship stays on track.


  1. some lovely ideas I cant remember the last time we had a date night, I think it was having dinner at the hospital canteen when I was about to have baby 4 lol

  2. I like the sound of a Spa day – that would be so relaxing! It’s important to get away from the kids where you can for your own time.

  3. I’m enjoying reading your suggestions of taking a break! I’m gonna try and have a relaxing bath more often, and maybe the odd spa trip!

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