On the second day of Christmas…

Welcome to part two of our #12daysofparenting series when we join a whole host of other bloggers to write about a range of topics over 12 days.

Today we are looking at the Christmas wish list and I am following on from Newman’s Corner. Today’s sponsor is Babybundle and for full Terms and Conditions of the #12daysofparenting please click here.

So whats on your Christmas list this year? I wrote a wish list a few weeks back which included a few things I was hoping for.


The most important things:

  • That everyone is healthy
  • For us all to be together
  • To be at home
  • That we all enjoy some quality time together
  • That we have fun as a family

The things I always ask for and never get (this is the impossible list)

  • Snow over the entire Christmas period
  • A lottery win – maybe I should buy a ticket first!
  • For Santa to extend the day by at least 10 hours (that’s every day, not just at Christmas)
  • To grow another six pairs of arms
  • To wake up a superhero
  • To be headhunted by MI6 (SIS) for international spy work that I can take on with my four mini spies in tow (they have been training since birth)

The things that would be quite nice to have

  • A stash of bubble bath and a few minutes each week to lie in it
  • Some jeans without holes in
  • Some underwear that doesn’t scream “she’s had four babies!!!!”
  • Some nice boots that look good but are practical for the school run and dashing after two toddlers
  • A subscription to Riverford Organic Recipe Boxes for date nights in
  • Some hair accessories that can actually hold very long, heavy hair
  • Entry to my next marathon
  • The next seasons of Scandal and Homeland, because if I can’t be an international spy I need to get my kicks somehow

Top of my list this year are:

  • Lots of family movie nights
  • Snow
  • A long uninterrupted bubble bath
  • Lots of mulled wine by the fire
  • Lots of winter walks preferably on frosty days
  • Time to pass by a little more slowly

What’s on your list this year?

Please pop over to the lovely Laura at Life With Baby Kicks to see what is on her list!

Our code word is: sleeping (which amuses me a lot as not a lot of that happens here)

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