Online games for children

Do your children play games online?

On your phone or laptop perhaps, or maybe they have their own?

None of our children are huge computer game fans, although I know lots of their friends are. There are however, particular games they do like that they will play sometimes. Normally for a short time whilst waiting for something, to pass spare time, or sometimes in the evening on a weekend or in the holidays.

Whilst they are not a big part of the children’s lives at all, they do have their place. Certain games can help children learn all sorts of skills, such as:

  • Reaction times
  • Problem solving
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Knowledge of colours and shapes

It can also be really exciting for children to have their favourite characters come to life in front of them and for them to feel that they can influence what the characters do.

My daughter loves the doll dress up type games and she plays these on her tablet, normally when she has a bit of time to kill, as normally she is busy doing a range of sports. It is good for her to do something different sometimes though and she enjoys these games.

She is also a big Barbie fan, so when we discovered she could play Barbie dress up games online that was a win win. There is a fantastic Barbie Mermaid Dress-up game on Poki which suits her as she is quite the mermaid herself! There is also a Barbie popstar dress up game which is great as well.


If you live with a Frozen fan then Poki also has games to suit, your child can give Elsa a makeover if they like. There are loads of fun dress up games to choose from so just search for what you are looking for.

There are a range of games for boys as well so it is worth having a look around. The games are free, the graphics are good, they load quickly and the site is very user-friendly.

Do your children play games online? What sort of games do they enjoy?

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