Pads and Promises

Breast pads…fiddly and annoying and currently the things that I am most likely to leave the house without…but hugely necessary in my current lactating state. 

I’m learning that you get what you pay for when it comes to breast pads. The best ones I have found are the Lansinoh pads, unfortunately they are also the most expensive grrrr, although bulk buying them via Amazon seems to be the way to go!

They are thin and discreet and they stay in place all day, as well as being really absorbent.

I have tried the cheaper supermarket pads, they have apparently won awards in the mother and baby category and made all sorts of promises on the box, so they can’t be that bad, right? WRONG . 

I may as well have stuffed pantyliners in my bra for all the good they do…

Firstly they do not stick to my bra so at random points throughout the day I catch one of them out of the corner of my eye peeping out of the top of my bra. This always happens at the worse time and when one of the children dropped their water bottle at school the other day and I bent down to rescue it, the left one actually fell out the top of my bra and onto the school yard. 

I wasn’t even able to discreetly rescue it as one of the other children shouted across the yard “Mummy you’ve lost a breast pad!” yeah, thanks … I hadn’t realised!

Because they don’t stick to your bra you are almost guaranteed to leak. So I also end up with wet patches on my bra if I use any other brand, which gradually soak through to whatever top I am wearing – classy!

By the end of each day I have had two cotton wool sausages rolled up in my bra – having said that a couple of times one or the other had made it down to my knickers. How does that even happen?

Safe to say I won’t be buying them again! It’s Lansinoh all the way from here!
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  1. Nope, feel like I missed the boat on that one. Had I discovered them on my first baby that would have saved me a fortune though I am sure. Do they stay put? After baby number four and now having invested in a job lot of lansinoh it's probably not worth it 🙁

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