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Parental rip offs

When you become a parent you also need to be prepared to be ripped off over and over again.

My pet hate is the price of balloons and associated plastic merchandise you see at family theatre performances or events.

This just really makes me cross. You will find balloons and rubbish plastic toys at every show you ever take your children to. These items will be forced upon you at every opportunity. Before the show, during the interval, as you head to the toilet or drink stall, and even more so after the show.

It is not enough that you have paid a fortune for your tickets, and bought overpriced drinks and ice creams but you then feel compelled to purchase other things as well.

Can you say no to your children and walk away? Of course you can and I frequently do. Should  you always have to? No you shouldn’t.

Not getting everything they want all of the time is an important lesson for children and one I like to teach.

However, if they have been good and not had a treat for a while, I should be able to get all four of them a balloon without it costing £40 …. yes I said £40 …..

Now, I have never and would never pay that for for 4 balloons. At that price I am afraid  the answer is always no, but I see other parents doing that all the time so these shows can continue to charge obscene prices for a bit of shiny foil full of helium with your child’s favourite character on.

Parental Rip Off - Peppa Pig foil baloon

The accompanying plastic toys that are also for sale are even worse. £7.50 for a flashing Peppa Pig that is broken by the time you reach the car? I think not!

What are you worst parental rip offs?

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