Parenting realities

It has occurred to me over the years that there are a number of harsh realities about parenting:

  • The later you stay up, the earlier your children will wake
  • If one child sleeps well, one or more of the others will not – it is a conspiracy
  • Toys expand to fill any space available
  • LEGO is evil and you need to accept you will tread on some at least twice a day
  • The longer it takes you to make a meal, the less your child will like it
  • Every time you say ‘be careful’ you are guaranteed to hear either a scream or a ‘whoops’ a few seconds later
  • Not taking the potty on a ten minute journey will result in one child requiring it
  • Not packing snacks in your bag is a crime of epic proportions
  • Saying no to something makes you the meanest parent on the planet
  • Getting dressed to go to a friend’s wedding more than five minutes before departure will result in vomit or worse being smeared all over your one clean outfit
  • The phrase “but I don’t need the toilet” means that within ten minutes you are guaranteed to either be frantically looking for a public loo OR dangling you child out of the side of the car to do a “wildy”
  • The one item or toy children are searching  for will always be at the bottom of the toy tub and require tipping out the contents on the floor to remove said essential item
  • The harder you search for something specific they have asked for in the shops the less they will like it

After giving life to these little people you would expect them to cut you some slack but no…we must accept these and move on! To add to this are situations like when the torrential rain just happens to arrive at school pick up time, and of course half the online shopping order you placed to save time and hassle doesn’t arrive so you end up dragging lots of children around the supermarket anyway to gather the missing items.

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  1. Wow! Best post that ive read in ages! Seriously! These are all so true! I love Lego when I’m sitting playing with it with the boys. But then as a roaming parent it’s my enemy! And why is it that kids eat less when it’s taken longer to make!!! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

  2. Love this and so true. The 10 minutes car journey and no snacks I just failed both just this week. hahaha Reality bites sometimes hahahaa Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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