Paw Patrol Magazine: a two year old’s thoughts

Paw PatrolΒ is a fun children’s show on Nick Jr – do your children watch it? There are lots of lovable characters and a catchy theme tune that you can guarantee you’ll find yourself singing along to at random times of the day.

EgmontΒ have recently launched the Paw Patrol Magazine, aimed at children under seven. Now your little ones can have even more fun and continue to enjoy theΒ action-adventure preschool series starring the six heroic puppies: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, who are led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder.

Look how excited this little face was when he saw the new magazine!


This new monthly magazine is the perfect package for pre-schoolers, featuring all their favourite characters with fun learning puzzles, exciting stories, colouring, drawing and stickers every issue. Whether playing alone or with a parent, every child will find plenty to keep them busy – and of course a free gift.

This month the free gift was a trio of Chase accessories, a torch, hat/ears and his badge, which were super cute, although my little man was a tad put out when he realised the torch wasn’t a ‘real’ one.


The magazine itself was jam packed with stories, spot the difference, puzzles and sticker activities, meaning there was loads to do and overall I was quite impressed with the amount of activities included compared to other similar magazines we have bought in the past.


The stories and sticker activities went down the best,Β but then since first looking at the magazine, he has come back to it a few times to do the colouring activities.

He loved sharing his stickers with Barney!


Both the little boys had a good look at the magazine and enjoyed spotting the pups, talking about the colour and shape of things in the magazine and playing with the gifts. I felt that they seemed much more engaged in the magazine than others we have read together and we will certainly be looking out for this magazine in the future. The pull out A-z chart was an added bonus and a great discussion point with the boys.


For a closer look at the magazine and what was inside check out our video below.

Do your children like Paw Patrol? Have you seen the magazine?

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  1. My nephews love paw patrol
    They are always talking excitedly about it and simply love the magazine thanks for the fabulous review

  2. My 4yr old loves paw patrol he would watch it all day if he could, he’s just had a birthday and got lots of paw patrol toys, so he’s one very happy boy.

  3. My son was given this magazine as a treat over the Easter holiday. He loved the free gifts and we completed all of the activities.

  4. My nephew loves paw patrol even though he is 6 so I might buy him a copy of the magazine as it sounds really good.

  5. My 2 are a bit big for this magazine, but if they were younger I’d definitely be buying a copy

  6. My niece absolutely LOVES Paw Patrol! We’ve even taken to calling my mums dog Joey “Joey Pup Pup” or “Cheeky Pup”. It’s just such a fun and sweet show. This magazine looks great!

  7. Looks like a great magazine – I really like it when they have lots of content so stop my little ones getting bored!

  8. My little girl loves Paw Patrol. Might have to get her a copy for our holiday next week.

  9. Great review and photos, sounds like the magazine is fun to read as well as being educational.

  10. Great review, sounds like something my son would enjoy, he loves Paw Patrol πŸ™‚

  11. This looks fab – my daughters have only recently discovered Paw Patrol and I hadn’t seen the magazine before. I like the female Husky one πŸ™‚

  12. aww his face in that first picture – so cute πŸ™‚ looks like he enjoyed it, my girls love paw patrol, especially Marshall as they love dalmatians

  13. My niece loves magazines like this and I think they’re a fantastic way to introduce a range of activities to the day. I like that you’ve got the child’s take on it personally.

  14. Looks fun and they look so happy. Mine are a little bit to old for this now but I know they would have loved this when they were younger

  15. My daughters are grown up. So I have never seen Paw Patrol, although I have heard of it. I think its a brilliant idea being able to buy magazines/comics for children’s tv programmes. When my daughters were little I always bought them. They help with reading, writing, sums and it is something to amuse them and to look forward to. The freebies are great and my daughters always did the competitions

  16. I ve never seen Paw Patrol as my kids are a bit too old for it, but Ive seen the toys everywhere and they look very cute. I do like kids magazines but I dont like that they cost as much as my magazines and have fewer pages, plus the little toys dont usually last very long..

  17. It’s always fun when one of the kid’s favourite shows gets a magazine for them to learn from πŸ™‚

  18. My son watches it but I didn’t know there was a magazine on it, I’ll have to keep a look out for it, thanks .x

  19. Looks good – magazines and their cover goodies are always popular in this house!

  20. I’ve seen this with my friend’s wee boy, he absolutely loves it. I’ll have to buy the magazine for him. πŸ™‚

  21. H adores paw patrol – she loves Skye – we may well end up with the mag as well depending on if it catches her eye or not when we go shopping

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