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Pay attention: you will NEVER have this day again

Children growΒ and change at an incredible rate. When they are very young the change is daily. New skills and words and likes and dislikes are constantly developing as the days pass by.

Today I realised something. That I should pay more attention to these things, because tomorrow they might be gone. The blunt fact is that we can never have the same day again with our children because with each day they are a bit older, they have learnt new things and therefore their responses are not the same as they were even a day earlier.


We can’t be there for EVERY single thing of course. We can’t witness every breath, every giggle, every new word, see the start of every new skill, do every bathtime, every bedtime, every mealtime, play all the time or observe, photograph or video everything. Life doesn’t work like that. We have other things we need to or have to do each day, important things that keep life ticking along.


I think though that it is exactly this point that highlights the need to pay detailed attention to the things we are present for each day. Cherish those small things because soon they will be gone:

  • My children won’t always want to kiss me good night
  • They wont always be happy to hold my hand
  • They won’t always want to cuddle me
  • They won’t always want to cuddle each other
  • They won’t always be happy to all pile in the bath together
  • They won’t always want me to play The Tickle Monster
  • They won’t always think having raspberries blown on their tummies is utterly hysterical


  • They won’t always get words mixed up or say hundreds of cute things a day
  • They won’t always be proud to show me the contents of their potty
  • They won’t always shout “Mummy, watch this, watch this” over and over again
  • They won’t always be happy just to ‘sort’ out the tupperware cupboard or my sock draw
  • They won’t always be excited by wrapping paper
  • They won’t always want me to read the same story over and over again
  • They won’t always want one more kiss before bedtime
  • They won’t always pull at my clothes when they want picking up
  • They won’t always hide behind my legs when they are shy
  • They won’t always look at me with their big brown eyes and say “pweeze Mummy”
  • They won’t always discover something new and exciting everyday
  • They won’t always only have to worry about what colour socks they want to wear or what they would like to drink with their dinner, or which cereal they would prefer…

Soon, in the blink of an eye life will be more complex for them, and all these little things we take for granted or sometimes just don’t see as important will be gone, and there’s no getting them back.


So, PAY ATTENTION, because you will never, ever have this day again.

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