Pear Tart Tatin

I love cooking but I have to say I am more of a chuck it in an see what happens kind of person. My style of cooking was passed down from my grandmother. She could cook anything and she NEVER weighed a thing. She was amazing, everything was always perfect, cakes, pastry and yet she’d say “just a bit of this and a bit of that” and see how it looked.

So ‘precision cooking’ is not really something I am familiar with. Heston Blumenthal Precision do a range of cooking tools aimed at exactly that- cooking in a very precise way.

What approach to you use in the kitchen? Are you a chuck it in and see what happens person or a weigh everything type person?

Over the weekend I made a Pear Tart Tatin with the items from this range just to see how I got on with another way of cooking.

I normally involve the children in the kitchen activities, especially when it comes to baking but this was made just with my youngest strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn – so really it was a joint effort!

There are a number of different recipes for Pear Tart Tatin out there so I’d say route around online until you find one that you like.  

The Salter kitchen tools are really fantastic, I love the spatulas but my favourite tool is the adjustable rolling pin.

 Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Adjustable Rolling Pin

I wish we could have had these at school all those years ago when I was rolling pastry out in home economics! 

This was the finished product! I haven’t eaten it myself as I don’t eat wheat and wheat-free pastry was pushing my first go at precision cooking a little too far! I am assured however that it tastes really good. 

I will certainly at least be baking with a little more precision in the future and I am looking forward to using these tools with the children as well as I think they will enjoy weighing and measuring things.

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