Potty training: part two

Dry Like Me, the award-winning potty training pads worn in children’s own pants, have just filmed their first ever TV advertisement – and it is hilarious.

The ad features a class of toddlers being taught about potty training by an older child and, during the shoot, the toddlers had lots of fun with the Dry Like Me potty training pads, playing with them like they were toys and sticking them all over their bodies.

Co-creator of Dry Like Me, Jude Hough says: “ We know they are a hit with parents as they can help children get out of nappies and into proper pants, but we were surprised at how much the children loved playing with them. Watching the two year olds run around with pads stuck on the heads and faces was hilarious, and their antics were great to include in the advertisement, which is really funny.”

You can see the advertisement, called ‘Miss Smarty Pants’, on Disney Junior, Nick JR, Boomerang, Cartoonito and Tiny Pop, but here is a sneak peak!

Award-winning Dry Like Me potty training pads were created by mums, Jude and Di , when they couldn’t find anything that helped to move their potty training children away from nappies and into their own pants.

They commissioned independent research, which showed the pads reduced accidents after only one week, and Dry Like Me are now sold by most supermarkets and online at amazon and www.drylikeme.com.

One size fits all ages of children, and there are three types to choose from: ‘Early Days’ for the start of potty training, ‘Original’ for the middle to end stages and ‘Night-Time’ to help children get dry at night. They cost around £3.49 a box, are designed to be soft and comfortable and are recommended by health professionals.

To celebrate the launch of their first TV campaign, Dry Like Me are giving away packs to help get your little one out of nappies and into proper pants. Each ‘Smart Way to Potty Train’ pack contains four boxes of Dry Like Me pads, a ‘How to Potty Train’ book (written by Jude and Di) and a sticker reward chart, and is worth £24.

Win a Smart Way To Potty Train pack from Dry Like Me

To have a chance of winning one of these packs simply enter below.

For more information on Dry Like Me potty training pads, as well as lots of tips and advice go to www.drylikeme.com or www.facebook.com/drylikemeuk.

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Dry like me potty training pack

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  1. This is exactly the kind of product I need. My daughter will happily use the potty but won’t use if she has her pull ups on. Can’t wait to give these a try.

  2. To try and get them to sit still on the potty read books or have an interesting game on a tablet. They get bored quickly otherwise and won’t stay long enough to do anything

  3. We’re at the stage now with our 19 month old where she is aware what the potty is but doesn’t really know how to use it. I’ve been looking at these as possible replacements to her nappy during the day. #bigfatlinky

  4. Good luck with the competition. We’re potty training the youngest at the moment. It’s two steops forward and opne back but we’re getting there/ #BigFatLinky

  5. Good post! Mine hated any effort I put into potty training. My youngest especially. In the end it was jut when he decided to be ready. Frustrating as it was. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

  6. With my son I found stickers were a good incentive so will probably use them again with our daughter.

  7. I would love to try these. My little one is almost three and a half and still won’t toilet train properly.

  8. these would be so useful my son is three and a half and still not potty trained and we have tried everything else

  9. We’re taking it very slowly and following our LO’s lead. When she does sit on the potty a book is good so she’s distracted and relaxes a bit more. We’ve got her a musical potty which she finds amusing when the music goes off!

  10. We bought a potty training book and the thought of a little sticker goes a long way!

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